Thursday, May 1, 2008

You can tell it is spring time at the Alps when...

The many signs that spring has come to the Alps Boulder Canyon Inn.

Yesterday temperatures were in the mid 70’s; the Hummingbirds were back gathering nectar from our bountiful crop of spring daffodils and hyacinths. The bear had been back to his usual tricks attempting to raid our “Bear Proof” dumpster with no success, all was right with the world.

We woke today to a heavy spring snow. It has been falling so hard at times it has been difficult to make out the trees on the opposite side of the canyon.

The hummingbirds, who knows where they’re hiding? The bright colors of our spring blooms stand out against the snowy white backdrop at least until they are buried.

Late last night around 1:00am I let my companion “Mattie” out one last time before we both called it a night. She took off down the drive and started creating quite the commotion. I went to investigate. I had a difficult time at first recognizing what I was seeing. The scene was somewhat surreal. Our dumpster had been moved out of its enclosure about 60 feet and was on its side in the driveway. The very heavy steel lid had been bent back against the chain that restrained it and trash was strewn all around.

Standing there was the biggest bear I have ever seen outside a zoo with my 40lb dog standing her ground against it. Luckily Mattie came when I called and we beat a hasty retreat deciding to deal with the mess in the morning.

My new philosophy, “Got a bear proof dumpster to rob, get a bigger bear”.

The snow shows no sign of stopping. I better go find the shovel.

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